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The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) intends to replenish the national budget in November and December, transferring tranches in the amount of 14 billion UAH and 14.164 billion UAH respectively, NBU Head Valeriya Gontareva has said.

“The National Bank has transferred 10 billion UAH of profit. The remaining amount will be transferred in two tranches of 14 billion UAH and 14.164 billion UAH per month”, she explained.

As reported, the NBU Council on October 25, approved of the consolidated report of the central bank for 2015 and profit redistribution, which would allow transferring part of profit in the amount of 38.164 billion UAH to the national budget. (Interfax/Business World Magazine)

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A mission of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will arrive in Ukraine in early November, Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) Valeriya Gontareva said.

The arrival of the IMF mission to Ukraine under the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) program had originally been expected on October 26. (Interfax/Business World Magazine)

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Continuation of the gas transit via Ukraine remains a strategic priority for the European Union (EU) in the context of its relations with Russia’s Gazprom, European Commission Vice President Maros Sefcovic has said.

He said that earlier the EU executive body discussed a request of Germany’s Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railway) to permit Gazprom to increase pumping of Russian gas using the OPAL pipeline.

The EU pays attention to diversification, competition and free movement of energy and the EU is making a lot of things for Ukraine, he said. He repeated that the continuation of gas transit across Ukraine in the period after 2019 would remain a strategic priority for the EU.

“You know how much we care about diversification, competition, free flows of energy in Europe and how much we are doing for Ukraine. In this context what I want to repeat is the continuation of gas transit through Ukraine post 2019 remains a strategic priority for the EU. We have the unanimous support of the EU member states”, Sefcovic said.

The response to the request of the Bundesnetzagentur will be given before October 31.

OPAL is an extension of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline on the territory of the European Union. Supplies from Russia are transmitted along it from the bed of the Baltic Sea through Germany to the Czech border. (Interfax/Business World Magazine)

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On October 26, the work of the fifteenth anniversary international conference “Fat-and-Oil Industry – 2016” started with the ceremony of opening of a new tank complex at LLC NE Terminal UPSS, located on the territory of the Dnepr-Bug Sea Port, in Mykolaiv.

The new tank complex of Terminal UPSS, which became the sponsor of the conference, is designed for reception and storage of palm and exotic oils, and other high-melting oil products, including fats.

The complex consists of 14 tanks, designed for storage of 41 thousand square meters of products, railway and highway overpasses, as well as the piping system equipped with heating, and the laboratory.

According to representatives of the company, after commissioning of the new complex Terminal UPSS plans to actively overtake imported goods which will allow the company customers to form a closed logistics chain and conclude new freight contracts with the possibility of loading export goods in the reversed direction. (APK-Inform/Business World Magazine)

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Ukraine: EU becomes linseed top buyer

In September Ukraine exported 4.3 KMT of linseed compared to 2.5 KMT in August and 4.6 KMT in September 2015.

The third season in a row the decrease in export volumes for the first month of the season has been observed. Along with this, by the end of the season opposite tendency is observed – increase up to record volumes, as it was in 2015/2016 MY, when in September-August 40 KMT of linseed was shipped. Such a situation is explained by rising interest of agro producers to this niche crop over the last several years, which in its turn causes higher export potential of Ukraine in this segment.

Traditionally in the first months of the season the largest volumes of the export potential are shipped to the foreign markets (50-70%). In some periods they reach 80%.

In September 2016 linseed was shipped to 27 countries with EU as a leader (53% of all exports), ousting Vietnam – the top buyer of 2015/2016 (33%). (UkrAgroConsult/Business World Magazine)

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The 2017 budget bill has been passed into law with a surplus worth Br1.496 billion ($787.203 million). The government posted the document on its official web site for legislative information on October 26.

2017 budget revenues were approved at Br18.235 billion ($9.595 billion), expenditures – Br16.739 billion ($8.808 billion).

The major source of state budget revenues in 2017 will be VAT proceeds (Br6.507 billion – $3.424 billion), excises (Br2.269 billion – $1.194 billion), export customs duties (Br2.161 billion – $1.137 billion), profit tax (Br917.926 million – $483.017 million), dividends on shares and other forms of ownership (Br825.275 million – $434.264 million).

Expenditures on “countrywide activities” are set at Br7.334 trillion ($3.859 billion), economic development – Br2.73 billion ($1.437 billion), welfare – Br1.825 billion ($960.324 million), judicial authorities and law enforcement activities – Br1.774 billion ($933.488 million), national defense Br924.454 million ($486.452 million), healthcare – Br878.781 million ($462.419 million), physical culture, education – Br808.064 million ($425.207 million), sport, culture and mass media – Br376.155 million ($197.935 million), environment protection – Br75.228 million ($39.585 million), housing and utilities, construction – Br13.351 million ($7.025 million).

Belarus’ motorway fund worth Br528.964 million ($278.344 million) will be made up of road toll fees payable by foreign truckers, proceeds from the tax payable by vehicle owners for access to public roads – Br606.038 million ($318.9 million).

The 2017 state budget will provide for financial support worth Br5.562 billion ($2.927 billion) to 36 state programs. (Prime-TASS/Business World Magazine)

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Belarus’ chemical company OAO Grodno Azot said its nitrogen fertilizer exports reduced by 16.2% YoY in January-August 2016 to 215,700 tons (in terms of 100% nitrogen), a source in the profile ministry reported.

In money terms exports shrank by 38.6% YoY to $94.934 million. The expert attributes shrinking proceeds to the decline in fertilizer prices.

The average price of Belarus’ nitrogen fertilizer exports stood at $440 per ton in January-August, down by 26.7% YoY.

Grodno Azot was set up in 1963 and transformed into an open joint-stock company in 2002. The Belarusian government holds a 99.97% stake.

Grodno Azot is Belarus’ main producer of liquid ammonia, nitrogen fertilizers, methanol, caprolactam, biodiesel fuel. (Prime-TASS/Business World Magazine)

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The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) still hopes by the end of the year to get the fourth tranche from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) under the EFF program in the amount of $1.3 billion, NBU Deputy Head Dmytro Solohub has said at a briefing in Kyiv.

“This sum will be used to replenish international reserves, which by the end of the year, according to the NBU’s estimates, will come to $17.5 billion”, he said.

According to Solohub, the NBU’s international reserves will also be supplemented by revenues from the European Commission in the amount of about EUR 660 million and interventions on the forex market.

Solohub said the National Bank bought about $200 million at foreign exchange auctions in October. (Interfax/Business World Magazine)

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Belarus’ cargo traffic by all means of transport reduced by 4.3% YoY in January-September to 323.312 million tons, the National Statistics Committee of Belarus (Belstat) said in a report.

Cargo transportation by railways in January-September stood at 93.221 million tons (down by 4.1% YoY), including transit cargo traffic at 22.6 million tons (down by 20.7%). Oil and petroleum products, chemical and mineral fertilizers, construction materials and timber made up the bulk of railway cargo traffic in January-September.

Cargo deliveries by motorway transport reduced by 4.2% YoY to 134.465 million tons, pipeline deliveries were down by 4.3% to 93.966 million tons; air transport went up by 40% to 38,600 tons.

The total value of exported transport services in January-August reached $1.875 billion (down by 4.5%).

The total value of imported transport services came at $812.2 million in January-August, down by 5.4% YoY. (Prime-TASS/Business World Magazine)


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Since the start of the grain sowing and till October 20, the amount of the accumulated effective warmth was 20-40% lower than last year.

Due to this winter crops were developing rather slowly and now development pace lags behind last year. Despite low amount of rains in the second half of October, soil moisture stocks remain sufficient in the major part of the fields. Expected rains will maintain sufficient soil moisture level.

Plants sown by mid-September are mainly at tillering stage. Later sown plants are at the stage of 3rd leave formation. Slow vegetation will continue shortly in the major part of the republic. (UkrAgroConsult/Business World Magazine)

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Azerbaijan’s Energy Minister Natig Aliyev will participate in the OPEC High Level Committee Meeting on implementation of Algerian agreements of OPEC and non-OPEC states, to be held in Vienna in late November, the Azerbaijani Energy Ministry said in a message.

Along with Azerbaijan, invitations for the meeting were sent to such non-OPEC states as Russia, Kazakhstan, Bahrain, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, Norway, Malaysia, Oman, Mexico, and Trinidad and Tobago.

The meeting’s agenda includes discussions on the development of the oil market, actions for implementation of agreements, and consultations.

As Natig Aliyev said, Azerbaijan joined the initiatives to regulate and stabilize the oil market, increase oil prices and was ready to contribute to reaching an agreement.

“I don’t think the non-OPEC states will oppose a final decision to limit oil production”, he added. “The important issue is to eliminate the contradictions among OPEC member-states, namely, Iran, Libya, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, which will allow reaching an agreement”.

The minister added that at the meeting, Azerbaijan would once again confirm its readiness not to increase oil production and export.

OPEC agreed to limit oil production in the range of 32.5-33 million barrels of oil per day at an informal meeting in Algeria on September 28. However, there is no agreement on specific limits for each of the OPEC member-state.

A final decision must be made at the OPEC official meeting in Vienna on November 30. (Trend/Business World Magazine)

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Azerbaijan is ready to share its experience in the field of energy with the Republic of South Africa and to assist it in development of a massive energy-producing potential, Azerbaijan’s Energy Minister Natig Aliyev said.

The minister welcomed the newly appointed Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa Pule Isaac Malefane.

The parties discussed the prospects of energy cooperation between the two countries during the meeting.

“Azerbaijani government is currently implementing reforms in order to diversify its economy and bring out new markets. This creates a possibility to develop cooperation with different countries. Azerbaijan is ready to share its experience in the energy sphere with South Africa, as well as to help the country develop its big energy potential”, Aliyev added.

Malefane, in turn, noted that the South African government attached great importance to its relations with Azerbaijan and was interested in expanding relations.

“We intend to take advantage of Azerbaijan’s rich experience in the oil production area, in training of experts and development of the energy sector”, Malefane said. (Trend/Business World Magazine)

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Residents of the Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park (SCIP) will start production in 2017-2018, Azerbaijan’s Deputy Economy Minister Niyazi Safarov reported.

Safarov said that one of SCIP’s biggest residents SOCAR Polymer would begin test production in the second half of 2017 and would reach its full production capacity in 2018.

The creation of industrial zones is one of the most important steps for reducing oil dependence, as well as the development of industry and employment in this area, he noted.

The Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park is Azerbaijan’s first major industrial park, said the deputy minister adding that nine residents have already been registered there and one plant (Azertexnolayn) has already started production.

Such industrial parks will give a serious impetus to the development of regions and help diversify non-oil sectors of the economy, according to him.

With regard to other industrial parks, Safarov said that foundations of a number of pharmaceutical plants would be laid in the Pirallahi industrial park in the near future.

“Our Garadagh industrial park also operates successfully. Its resident is a shipbuilding company, which implements a number of big projects”, he noted. “Installation work has already been completed in the Balakhani industrial park, where five residents have been registered so far. They will start operating in the near future”.

The work on creation of an industrial park in Mingachevir is also underway, the deputy minister said.

“As you know, this park focuses on light industry, nine production sites will operate there”, Safarov said. “We are already negotiating with investors. It is expected that the park will be operational in the near future”.

Moreover, the deputy minister added that serious work was underway on the creation of industrial zones and areas.

All installation work has been completed in the Neftchala industrial district and its first residents have already been registered, said Safarov adding that currently, they were engaged in the supply of their equipment to the district’s territory, and would begin operating in the near future.

Meanwhile, the work has started on the creation of an industrial area in Masalli district, he noted.

“I believe that these and other industrial zones will help us achieve sustainable economic development”, the deputy minister added. (Trend/Business World Magazine)

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Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and Qatar’s Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani, the head of Al Faisal Holding, stressed at the meeting that the fuel and energy sector, transport and communications were priority vectors of cooperation between Turkmenistan and Qatar, the Turkmen government said in a message.

According to the message, the agreements reached the highest level following President Berdimuhamedov’s official visit to Qatar in October 2010 and Emir of the State of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani’s official visit to Turkmenistan in March 2016, giving an impulse to the bilateral relations.

President Berdimuhamedov and Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani stressed the huge potential for intensifying the mutually beneficial bilateral trade and economic partnership and promoting productive business relations in various spheres, the message said.

The diplomatic relations between Turkmenistan and Qatar were established in 1996. President Berdimuhamedov called Qatari businessmen for participation in the implementation of construction project of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline in April.

According to President Berdimuhamedov, TAPI is designed to ensure long-term supply of gas to the largest countries of South-East Asia, contribute to solving the economic problems of the region, important social and humanitarian issues.

The solemn ceremony of launching the TAPI construction, with a capacity of up to 33 billion cubic meters of gas, was held in mid-December 2015. (Trend/Business World Magazine)

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Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and Gilles Remy, head of the French CIFAL company, exchanged views on the prospects of partnership as part of the priorities of socio-economic development of the country and joint work experience.

Stressing readiness to develop mutually beneficial cooperation, Remy expressed the company’s interest in strengthening the positions on the Turkmen market.

Remy added that all conditions were created in Turkmenistan for successful business due to the investment policy, envisaging significant benefits to foreign partners.

The fuel and energy sector, transport sphere are among the priorities of the partnership.

Earlier, CIFAL confirmed its intention to take an active part in the implementation of the construction project of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline (TAPI).

CIFAL has been operating on the Turkmen market for over 20 years. In general, French companies are widely represented in such areas as construction, transport, tourism and energy in Turkmenistan. (Trend/Business World Magazine)

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The US company John Deere is ready to offer cotton and grain harvesters, tractors, as well as various agricultural equipment to Turkmenistan, Mark von Pentz, president of the company’s Agriculture and Turf Division of Europe, CIS, Asia, Africa and Global Tractor Platform, said.

John Deere has been operating on the Turkmen market for about 25 years. (Trend/Business World Magazine)

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Turkey: new fruit appears

Turkey has received the first dragon fruit harvest (pitaya), after a year of preparation. This fruit of Vietnamese origin has adapted well to the climatic conditions of this region, mainly planted with citrus, but also strawberries and bananas.

Producers are looking for high value alternatives and after testing with the cape gooseberry, they got good results with the pitaya, which required no pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

This fruit was planted for the first time in 2014 in Antalya, and Mersin producers have benefited from their experience. Grown under greenhouse, fruit between 400 grams and 1 kilo, sold well in the domestic market in a supermarket chain and cost about 3 euros each. In a period of 3 years, productivity should strongly increase.

This fruit is not consumed only fresh but also in sorbet, fruit salad, etc., and it can also be used in dye industry.

Germany, England, France and Holland are seekers of pitaya and export of this fruit could be possible in the near future. (Business World Magazine)

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Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, the government and parliamentary coalition factions have decided to raise the minimum wage in Ukraine from January 1, 2017 to 3,200 UAH, the Ukrainian president said after talks with Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman.

“Starting from January 1, 2017, there will be no employed people in Ukraine who earn less than 3200 hryvnias. Moreover, I addressed the government and parliament to make every effort for this decision not to increase a single tax, first of all it is related to small and medium business”, he said.

According to the president, it is inadmissible that a man working full time earns the same sum of money as unemployed Ukrainians being on the dole, the press service of the president said.

“Along with building the Armed Forces, the first priority of the government is to fight poverty at the first opportunity. The aggression of Russia against our state is not an excuse for delaying reforms in war conditions”, he said.

Poroshenko said that the decision concerned over 4 million employed Ukrainians whose salary equaled 1,450 today UAH. According to him, public sector will find proper resources in the state budget and private sector will have a strict rule banning salaries less than 3,200 UAH per month.

“This decision is a struggle against poverty and protection of employed people. Separation of minimum wage from calculation of subsistence level provides faster growth of minimum wage in the coming years”, he said. (Interfax/Business World Magazine)

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Kazakhstan plans to participate in the OPEC meeting on November 30, in Vienna, Kazakh Energy Minister Kanat Bozumbayev said.

Earlier OPEC sent invitations to 12 non-member countries to attend the next OPEC meeting.

“We have received OPEC’s invitation through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and at the technical level plan to attend the meeting”, Bozumbayev reported.

An officer of the Energy ministry will represent Kazakhstan at this meeting.

In late September OPEC agreed to cut its oil output for the first time since 2008. The group plans to reduce output to 32.5 million barrels per day (bpd) from current production of 33.24 million bpd. How much each country will produce is to be decided at the next formal meeting of OPEC in November. OPEC expects that non-OPEC oil producers, such as Russia, will join the agreement at this meeting. (Trend/Business World Magazine)

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Kazakhstan to launch new flights in 2017

Kazakhstan negotiates the launch of new routes during Expo 2017 exhibition in Astana with several foreign airlines, Kazakh Prime Minister’s official website reported with the reference to Investment and Development Vice Minister Berik Kamaliyev.

He noted that Finnish airline would launch flight within signed agreements. Moreover Kazakhstan has held negotiations with Polish aviation authorities, an agreement on flights has been reached with Hungary.

In addition, Austrian, Czech airlines will resume flights to Kazakhstan, Air China will fly from China, according to the vice minister. On December 12, Kazakhstan plans to meet with aviation authorities of Iran and China and request additional slots for Kazakh Air Astana and Scat airlines in order to increase international flights from Almaty to Chinese Xian and Iranian Tehran, Kamaliyev said.

The vice minister noted that Kazakh capital Astana was connected by direct flights with 5 international financial centers – Frankfurt, London, Dubai, Hong Kong and Seoul.

Moreover there are direct flights from Astana to the cities of Vienna, Paris, Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Istanbul, Urumqi and others. In 2018 it is planned to launch a direct flight from Astana to Tokyo, in 2019 – in Singapore, in 2020 – to New York, he said.

The EXPO-2017 titled “Future Energy” will last from June 10 until September 10, 2017. Over 100 countries will take part in the exhibition. The World’s Fair EXPO exhibition has been held since 1851. (Trend/Business World Magazine)

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According to the regional agricultural departments, as of October 27, agrarians harvested grains throughout 15.34 million ha, or 99.9% of the planned areas, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan declared.

As of the reporting date, agrarians produced 23.63 million tons of grains, up nearly by 3.9 million tons YoY. The average yield totaled 1.54 ton/ha (up by 0.2 ton/ha).

In particular, agrarians of North Kazakhstan region harvested 5.651 million tons of grains, Akmola region – 5.701 million tons, Kostanay region – 5.613 million tons, and Almata region – 1.243 million tons. (APK-Inform/Business World Magazine)

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Last week growing of milling wheat prices was noted on the export market of Kazakhstan.

Factors of price support:

– increased demand from major importers;

– strengthening of national currency;

– increase in milling wheat prices in the Black Sea region.

Thus, over the week 12.5% wheat export prices increased by $8-10 to $172-178/MT FOB on average at the Aktau port. (UkrAgroConsult/Business World Magazine)

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Ukraine: NBU cuts refinancing rate

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) from October 28, cuts refinancing rate from 15% to 14%.

The central bank said in a press release that the decision on the size of the refinancing rate was approved by its board on October 27.

“The further relaxation of the monetary policy is linked to the reduction of risks for price stability and it meets the inflation targets for 2017-2018”, the NBU said.

The forecast for consumer inflation for 2016-2018 was not changed.

“In Q4 2016 inflation will accelerate to the targeted level as the increase in utilities and housing tariffs will be reflected in statistics. There is a high likelihood that inflation of 12% plus or minus 3% will be achieved if no unanticipated events occur”, the bank said.

In 2017, inflation in annual terms will be uneven. In Q1 2017 it could exceed 12%. In Q4 2017 inflation will decrease.

“The key factor for inflation decline to the targeted indicators and restoration of the economy is reforms under the IMF-supported program”, the NBU said. (Interfax/Business World Magazine)

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Для частичной компенсации кредитов на внедрение энергосберегающих мероприятий ЖСК и ОСМД из бюджета Харькова выделят 200 тыс. грн.

Такое решение было принято депутатами на сессии горсовета.

Программа, в рамках которой выделяются средства, предусматривает компенсацию тела кредита в размере 20%
Читать полную версию новости - http://ukrbuild.dp.ua/2016/10/28/ukraina-na-kompensaciyu-kreditov-dlya-osmd-i-zhsk-xarkov-vydelit-200-tys-grn.html


Литовская компания KS Holding, находящаяся в управлении семьи Ракаускасов и компании Zabolis ir partneriai, за 12,5 млн. евро приобрела латвийскую компанию MD Galerija Azur, контролирующую торговый центр Atrium Azur в Риге.

Компания, управляющая торговым центрам, приобретена у Atrium European Re
Читать полную версию новости - http://ukrbuild.dp.ua/2016/10/28/latviya-litovskaya-kompaniya-priobrela-atrium-azur-za-125-mln-evro.html
До официального открытия нового здания Сейма представителям прессы была предоставлена возможность ознакомиться с реконструированным зданием парламента на улице Екаба, 6/8.

В здании расположены помещения для совещаний и конференций, а также помещения для отдельных комиссий.

В ходе реконструкци
Читать полную версию новости - http://ukrbuild.dp.ua/2016/10/28/latviya-zdanie-sejma-predstavili-posle-rekonstrukcii.html
На примере здания Brussels' Botanic Center архитектор Винсент Калебо покажет, как работает концепция озеленения.

Архитектор часто озеленяет и улучшает дома, находя применение разнообразным экологически чистым технологиям. В это раз он работает над зданием, которое было возведено еще в 1970-х гг.
Читать полную версию новости - http://ukrbuild.dp.ua/2016/10/28/belgiya-starye-doma-prevrashhayut-v-primery-ustojchivoj-arxitektury.html
В Египте построена первая деревня с генерацией энергии от солнечных батарей. В ней проживает около 350 человек.

Компания KarmBuild - автор проекта - работает над интеграцией солнечных панелей в проекты зданий, а также использует местные строительные материалы для минимизации экологического следа
Читать полную версию новости - http://ukrbuild.dp.ua/2016/10/28/egipet-postroena-pervaya-solnechnaya-derevnya.html
В начале октября в Верховной Раде появился законопроект №5250 депутатской группы в составе Сергея Лабазюка ("Воля народа"), Александра Марченко (внефракционный), Романа Мацолы (БПП) и др. Авторы предлагали до начала 2018 г. запретить в Украине принудительную реализацию жилья за долги и начисление п
Читать полную версию новости - http://ukrbuild.dp.ua/2016/10/28/ukraina-deputaty-xotyat-ne-platit-za-kommunalku-tri-goda.html
Кабинет министров поддержал инициативу Минюста, которая дает возможность пустить систему информирования граждан о любых регистрационных действиях, совершаемых с их недвижимостью, а также извещать владельцев о том, кто из пользователей реестра интересовался их имуществом.

"Недавно Верховная Рада
Читать полную версию новости - http://ukrbuild.dp.ua/2016/10/28/ukraina-minyust-puskaet-sistemu-sms-informirovaniya-o-registracionnyx-dejstviyax-c-nedvizhimostyu.html
Чтобы защитить тепловые счетчики от краж, киевляне могут оснастить дом сигнализацией. Городская власть возьмет на себя установку такого оборудования, а жители будут оплачивать его дальнейшее обслуживание.

"Я поручил коммунальным службам обеспечить технические меры защиты приборов учета, например
Читать полную версию новости - http://ukrbuild.dp.ua/2016/10/28/ukraina-kievu-nadoeli-krazhi-liftov-i-schetchikov.html
Любые энергоэффективные технологии и их внедрение требуют денег. Люди должны получить доступ к этим средствам, чтобы осуществить термомодернизацию своего жилья. Об этом рассказал министр финансов Украины Александр Данилюк.

"Очень важно государству разработать механизм, чтобы в этой сфере не возн
Читать полную версию новости - http://ukrbuild.dp.ua/2016/10/28/ukraina-v-sfere-energoeffektivnosti-nelzya-dopustit-monopolii.html
Семьям участников антитеррористической операции предоставили приоритетное право на получение льготного кредита за счет уставного капитала Государственного фонда содействия молодежному жилищному строительству. Такое решение по инициативе правления «Госмолодежьжилья» было принято наблюдательным совет
Читать полную версию новости - http://ukrbuild.dp.ua/2016/10/28/ukraina-uchastnikam-ato-predostavili-prioritetnoe-pravo-na-poluchenie-lgotnogo-kredita-na-zhile.html
В Подольском районе начались работы по реконструкции сквера "Красная пресня" с обустройством фонтана (вторая очередь).

Подольская райгосадминистрация, определенная заказчиком выполнения работ по проектированию и реконструкции, в соответствии с действующим законодательством выбрала генподрядную о
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На пленарном заседании Киевского городского совета депутаты предоставили управлению образования Дарницкой РГА земельный участок для строительства детского сада. Об этом сообщает пресс-служба Киевсовета.

Детский сад будет размещаться в 10-м микрорайоне жилого массива Осокорки. Соответствующий зем
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Объем строительных работ в Казахстане увеличился на 6,9% за счет жилищного строительства и реализации инфраструктурных проектов в рамках госпрограммы "Нурлы жол". Об этом сообщил министр национальной экономики РК Куандык Бишимбаев.

"За январь-сентябрь ввод в эксплуатацию жилых домов вырос на 13,
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Лауреат Притцкеровской премии архитектор Ричард Мейер считает, что государство должно заинтересовать девелоперов учитывать публичные пространства в своих проектах.

"Дело в том, что девелоперам нет никакой надобности создавать общественные пространства. Очень редко девелопер отдает площадь в свое
Читать полную версию новости - http://ukrbuild.dp.ua/2016/10/26/zarubezhnye-novosti-developeram-ne-xvataet-stimula-stroit-obshhestvennye-zdaniya.html
Департамент внутренних дел Астаны обратился к потерпевшим, которые пострадали от преступных действий недобросовестных застройщиков.

В пресс-службе отметили, что в производстве Следственного управления ДВД города находится ряд уголовных дел, возбужденных в отношении руководства ТОО "Комфортный до
Читать полную версию новости - http://ukrbuild.dp.ua/2016/10/26/kazaxstan-rassledovanie-del-v-otnoshenii-problemnyx-zastrojshhikov-v-astane-zavershaetsya.html
Ирпеньский городской суд отказал прокуратуре в истребовании в пользу государства 11 га в микрорайоне "Рокач" в Буче.

В 1993 г. Исследовательской станции мясного животноводства был выдан госакт на право постоянного пользования 270 га для ведения сельского хозяйства. Правопреемником станции стало
Читать полную версию новости - http://ukrbuild.dp.ua/2016/10/26/ukraina-v-buche-raspilili-zemlyu.html
В Алматинской области строительство идет полным ходом.

Строительство - одна из основных отраслей, успешно развивающихся в области. По сведениям областного управления строительства, в этом году на карте региона появились новые дома, школы, детские сады, больницы. Возводится инженерная инфраструкт
Читать полную версию новости - http://ukrbuild.dp.ua/2016/10/26/kazaxstan-na-karte-zhetysu-poyavlyayutsya-novye-obekty.html
Генеральная прокуратура Украины завершила досудебное расследование дела застройщика Анатолия Войцеховского. Об этом сообщил первый заместитель генпрокурора Дмитрий Сторожук.

По его словам, Войцеховский с другими лицами в 2004-2013 гг. приобрел доли в уставных капиталах ряда предприятий и с их по
Читать полную версию новости - http://ukrbuild.dp.ua/2016/10/26/ukraina-rassledovanie-stroitelnyx-afer-vojcexovskogo-zaversheno.html
На ул. Вершигоры, 9-г, открыли новый сквер, в котором высадили 75 деревьев (липы, клены и павловнии), а также обустроили живую изгородь. На территории сквера в сотрудничестве с меценатами устроили детскую площадку.

В течение следующих трех недель в столице каждую субботу будут проходить общегоро
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На сайте горсовета зарегистрирована петиция о строительстве в городе подземных паркингов.

В частности, речь идет о центральной части Харькова.

"Создать подземные паркинги в местах скопления машин. В таких местах, где машину реально негде припарковать, центральный район города", - написал авто
Читать полную версию новости - http://ukrbuild.dp.ua/2016/10/26/ukraina-xarkovchane-prosyat-postroit-podzemnye-parkingi-v-centre-goroda.html
В январе-сентябре управление Государственной архитектурно-строительной инспекции в Житомирской области зарегистрировало 5667 документов, дающих право выполнять подготовительные и строительные работы, а также свидетельствующих о принятии в эксплуатацию законченных строительством объектов.

В частн
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Китайский конгломерат HNA Group покупает у американской инвесткомпании Blackstone 25% Hilton Worldwide Holdings, которая управляет международной сетью отелей Hilton Hotels & Resorts.

Сделка будет закрыта в первом квартале 2017 г., она оценивается в $6,5 млрд. Акции Hilton Worldwide закрылись
Читать полную версию новости - http://ukrbuild.dp.ua/2016/10/26/zarubezhnye-novosti-hna-group-pokupaet-25-seti-otelej-hilton.html
Департамент Государственной архитектурно-строительной инспекции в Киевской области в январе-сентябре провел 594 проверки объектов строительства, по результатам которых на нарушителей градостроительного законодательства был наложен штраф в размере 34,9 млн. грн.

Кроме того, за три квартала департ
Читать полную версию новости - http://ukrbuild.dp.ua/2016/10/26/ukraina-v-kievskoj-oblasti-podgotovili-k-ekspluatacii-bolee-4-tys-obektov.html
24 ноября в Риге уже второй год подряд пройдет финал международного конкурса барменов "Riga Black Balsam Global Cocktail Challenge 2016". В нем примут участие 60 лучших барменов из 14 стран, которые будут соревноваться в искусстве приготовления коктейлей по своим уникальным рецептам, используя напи
Читать полную версию новости - http://ukrprod.dp.ua/2016/10/25/latviya-barmeny-so-vsego-mira-budut-borotsya-za-kubok-rizhskogo-chernogo-balzama.html
Совет директоров "Кернела" будет рекомендовать акционерам утвердить выплату дивидендов за 2016 финансовый год в размере $0,25 на акцию. "Кернел", одна из крупнейших украинских аграрных групп, завершил 2016 финансовый год (ФГ, июль-2015-июнь-2016) с чистой прибылью в $225,2 млн., что в 2,1 раза боль
Читать полную версию новости - http://ukrprod.dp.ua/2016/10/25/ukraina-pribyl-kernela-vyrosla-vdvoe.html


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